Your Tailor Made Wedding


We have been making your dreams come true since 1967

Wedding at Mec Paestum Hotel is a promise of happiness. To choose every detail carefully without leaving anything to chance, create an image of that day that is well coordinated from start to finish so that it can be not just an event but a story to tell, that of the absolute protagonists, the spouses. Each couple has an identity, a style, specific tastes.

We will place the utmost importance on the floral arrangement, color, graphics, musical choice and everything that is customizable. It is a real journey that we will take together to create an event that talks about you, what you love and who you are. This will be your "tailor made" wedding, made to measure, perfectly in line and in balance with your personality!


The details have always made the difference. The total customization of the settings, colors and individual combinations will tell the uniqueness and love of your couple.

Our Wedding Planners will accompany you on a "custom made" path to turn your dream into reality.


A rich vegetation, design elements from the Qeeboo collection and the immense green spaces are designed to experience the various gastronomic corners in an exclusive way, which have always marked the beginning of the ceremony. At sunset, a dense network of lights that create important atmospheres will frame the cutting of the cake.

For lovers of the trendiest ceremonies, dinner in the garden is now a must for the summer season. The large gazebos will allow you to experience the entire ceremony outdoors. The more intense temperatures and the scent of the sea breeze will further enhance the effects and the success of the event.

Restaurant Rooms

Our rooms are exclusive environments, designed and built to be the ideal setting for your most beautiful moments. Timeless aesthetics, romantic atmospheres and elegant tones will fill your eyes with wonder and amazement. The furniture components, unique in their kind, were chosen with great care and in line with the style of the location.

Design and natural light are the undisputed protagonists of our rooms, they give a sense of lightness and elegance and harmoniously complete the contemporary design of the

Roof Garden “Sole di Mezzanotte”

This incredible room is located on the top floor of the hotel. The only rooftop in Cilento, it is an unrepeatable and exciting environment from which you can enjoy an unprecedented panorama. Capri, the Amalfi coast and the Cilento coast will be the fairytale setting for the most beautiful day of your life. The room can hold up to 250 guests.

It is very bright thanks to the extra light picture windows that characterize itself and that allow the privileged view from the top. Above the venue there is an intimate and exclusive loft, ideal for an after dinner and which gives the opportunity to access a suggestive terrace from which to enjoy an unforgettable sunset over Paestum.


It is the result of elegance and prestige. It is set directly on our Outdoor Pool Garden, it can hold up to 300 guests. Thanks to the ample windows that connect it to outside, you will have the extraordinary sensation of an open-air location but with all comforts of a real room.

Natural light that add itself to that one diffuse from above by hundreds of mini lights to simulate a night sky, from which the room takes its name. A refined venue with a contemporary design that will make every event unforgettable.


Tuffatore Rooms A, B, C are very large and bright, together they can form a single room that can accommodate up to 800 guests. Thanks to the contiguity with the Living hall Bar, a heterogeneous environment will be created made up of elegant lounges and furnishings that will allow guests to fully experience the most exclusive spaces of the hotel.

A lot of natural light comes from above thanks to the ultra-modern sky in glass and steel beams: a completely innovative design that gives brightness and also an architecture perfectly in harmony with the style of the structure.


If you love summer and the sea, take advantage of it and make it the ideal setting for your wedding. Our location also allows you to celebrate the civil ceremony on the beach: celebrating your wedding by the sea and waiting for the magic of an enchanting sunset will also allow you to have memorable photographs.

The golden sand, the wide beach, the saltiness, the mild climate of our Cilento coast, all of this will be perfect and idyllic within the boundaries of spontaneity and romanticism and will be remembered for a long time by all guests.


An evocative and fairytale setting for those who choose to get married in winter. Other sensations and characteristics take over that have their own charm: snowflakes, candles, anemones and currant berries are a set of details in perfect Nordic style.

For those who choose to get married in December, the Mec Paestum will be able to give further, very strong emotions. Christmas decorations, lights, fir branches, a themed wedding cake and the inevitable Christmas tree will make the event distinctive and unforgettable.


Great attention will be paid to the menu. After a tasting of some dishes we will certainly be able to choose the right "gastronomic itinerary".

Our cuisine has always been based on the selection of raw materials, local products that reflect all the freshness and quality of the “made in Italy” brands. à dei marchi “made in Italy”.


The Wedding Package reserved for our spouses includes:

  • Suite included
  • Sparkling wine in the room
  • Breakfast and lunch the day after the ceremony
  • Tasting of the chosen menu
  • Hostess service during the ceremony
  • Entertainment for children
  • Floral decorations at the tables
  • Creation of the tableau mariage
  • Sugared
  • Hospitality with full board on the occasion of the 1st anniversary
  • A fantastic 7-night holiday in a renowned tourist resort

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