The Mec Paestum Hotel is a unique place. A wonderful 5-star hotel nestled between the Amalfi and Cilento coasts. It rises a few steps from the majestic temples of Paestum It rises just a few steps from the majestic temples of Paestum and just 100 meters from the sea, it offers a breathtaking view of Capri and the Gulf of Salerno. An ode to the beauty and modernity, Mec Paestum Hotel is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Thanks to the wise management of the Acanfora family, hoteliers since 1967, you can live an experience that only the great Italian hospitality can offer, all in a unique and extremely modern space, thanks to the vision of the great Italian architects, to the glamorous furnishings of the best fashion houses and the use of exclusive materials.

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Giuseppe Acanfora, founder of our hotel tradition

The Acanfora family has been in the hotel business since 1967. It was the 1960s when Giuseppe Acanfora, a young bread and oil trader from Scafati, met Sofia Barlotti, his future wife, who was born and raised in Paestum. He fell in love with Sofia and with this extraordinary land. He immediately realized the immense potential of Paestum such as the wide golden beaches of the coast, the Archaeological Park, the majestic Temples and the enogastronomic tradition which cannot but be recognized and admired.

And so it was that he began, not without perplexity on the part of all those who knew him as a merchant, to build the Hotel Cerere. At the beginning he was helped by a business partner who had been working in the world of events and hospitality for years and then he understood that in order to make his hotel project come true in Paestum, he had to take the reins of the hotel. In a few years, thanks to his passionate management, the Hotel Cerere established itself as a location of great quality and as an attraction for tourists and guests from all over Italy.

Giuseppe, however, had a dream within his heart: to host the greatest international personalities in Paestum; so it was that in the 90s he designed and built Mec Paestum Hotel.

Great architects of national fame, the finest marbles and a strategic position were the basis for creating what still remains today of the only five-star hotel in the Cilento area.

Today more than ever, Mec Paestum represents the excellence of the Campania hospitality and it is managed by the four Giuseppe Acanfora’ sons: Luisa, Marietta, Luigi and Pasquale who have absorbed his values ​​since early youth and work every day to guarantee an unforgettable experience for every hotel guest.